Hi! I’m Lyndsey, 24 years old and living in Adelaide, Australia. At my 20th, I started my blog. Since then I have kept a diary in which I write about everything I do and everything I like. I share my outfits, purchases, longboard trips, favorite recipes, personal events and more. I have set up two companies and share on my blog how I approach and how it all goes. My blog started in November 2010, but it was not seriously managed.

At my eighteenth, I moved to Brisbane to study. I first studied International Relations and Modern Languages at Exeter and later switched to Liberal Arts. In September 2016, I obtained my degree. During my studies, I attended an internship at Brisbane, where I set up partnerships between bloggers and brands. After my internship, I continued to work for a while and became Junior Influencer Marketeer.

In February 2015 I unexpectedly launched a web shop. I have learned a lot about blogging over the years and my education about online marketing. A good combination so! A week later our web shop was live. My friend and I made self-catering hobbies, and it became one big success. In the first half of the year, the web shop was constantly sold out. After a year and a half working at the shop, it was time for me to take a new step. I learned a lot from the whole process, and it was difficult to leave a successful company, but I had a new plan and wanted to focus on it.

So, if you are interested to talk about an online shop and everything else I like, feel free to visit my blog.